Werner Tian Fischer

'the jazzy guitarist with a predilection for catchy tunes'


Fishberger's Fancy

Fishberger's Fancy have just finished recording at Soundfarm Studio in Obernau. With the great assistance of sound magician Patrik Schwitter, Werner Fischer and Fridel Berger recorded five acoustic pieces on October 4 (Here Comes The Sun, Snowflight, La Bicicletta, Kepler 452b, Hazel) and another four jazz tunes (Line for Lyons, The View, Hide And Seek, Bock To Bock) together with the superb saxophonist Denise Steinegger on October 5. We're greatly looking forward to the mixing sessions!

Fishberger's Fancy go Soundfarm

Anfang Oktober begeben sich Fishberger's Fancy ins Studio nach Obernau. In der Soundfarm werden Werner Fischer und Fridel Berger eine Handvoll folkige und jazzige Stücke einspielen, darunter einige Eigenkompositionen des Gitarristen. Technisch betreut und unterstützt werden sie vom Klangmagier Patrik Schwitter. Die Tenoristin Denise Steinegger wird sich ebenfalls im Laufe der Session einfinden und einigen Stücken ihren musikalischen Glanz aufsetzen.

Re-release on Spotify

The Sam Trümpy Memorial Jazz Coalition's live recording from 2007 has recently been re-released on Spotify. Feel free to have a listen and enjoy the great music!

NEW CD OUT! Travelogue: 'Foreclosure - Live at the Kunsthaus'

Following their instrumental debut ('Eastbound', 2003) and two studio productions with singers Sophie Dunér ('Chinese Soul', 2011) and Coco Rouzier ('The Light Is On', 2016), Werner Fischer and his band Travelogue present their new album 'Foreclosure', a passionate instrumental live recording. The line-up consists of saxophonist Jürg Wickihalder, drummer Gabriel Schiltknecht, pianist Roberto Domeniconi and bassist Fredi Meli. In addition to Fischer's driving jazz compositions, the recording shows the lyrical sides of the band as well as a certain affinity for free improvisation. Visit us at our new website!


Travelogue's brand-new website is up and running. Our splendid new home was expertly designed and programmed by Thomas Hildbrand. You are all welcome to have a look and linger for a while: travelogue.ch