Werner Tian Fischer

'the jazzy guitarist with a predilection for catchy tunes'

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Travelogue: 'Foreclosure' - 2018

Following their instrumental debut ('Eastbound', 2003) and two studio productions with singers Sophie Dunér ('Chinese Soul', 2011) and Coco Rouzier ('The Light Is On', 2016), Werner Fischer and his band Travelogue present their new album 'Foreclosure', a passionate instrumental live recording. In addition to Fischer's driving jazz compositions, the recording shows the lyrical sides of the band as well as a certain affinity for free improvisation.

Sight(not)seeing - Timeline (Metheny) - D'Rosmarie und i (Hofer-Ammann) - Step By Step - A Gentle Breeze - Breaking At The Palace - Angel In The Hallway - Kepler 452b

Jürg Wickihalder (ts), Werner Tian Fischer (g), Roberto Domeniconi (p), Fredi Meli (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Recorded live on Oct. 8, 2016 @ Kunsthaus Glarus by Urs Hauser, mixed and mastered by Patrik Schwitter
Produced by Werner Tian Fischer and Lukas Vogel

CD elch musical industries 2018 (elchi 090118-84)

Travelogue: 'The Light Is On' - 2016

"It was in late 2010 when I played my first jazz gig at Beijing’s legendary CD Blues Café. It featured Coco Rouzier, the gutsy and soulful songstress from Washington D.C. who had travelled half of the world singing in five star hotels and on cruises. She not only proved to be a first rate jazz singer but also a resourceful entertainer who turned the joint into a boiling pot on that blessed Sunday evening. What started out as a nonchalant classy jazz gig turned into a rambunctious party that lasted until the wee hours of the next morning. Coco probably knew what she was in for when in the middle of her second set she called on the band to play Hernandez’ Hideaway, a tango. She had probably heard of the Finnish affinity for that dance - as the joint was packed with the remainder of a choir from Turku who fully lived up to its reputation. It was not before long that everybody was served severe shots of Vodka that had lasting effects on the band as well as the crowd - but I knew then that someday we would record an album together." (Werner Fischer)

Smack Dab In The Middle (Rouzier) - Baltimore (Newman) - Wait On Love (Rouzier) - A Gentle Breeze From Chinese Soul (Fischer) - Transcendental Suite (Ighner / Fischer - Krohn) - Kepler 452b (Fischer) - Rescue Me (Rouzier) - Wrong Song (Fischer - Krohn) - A Summer’s Tale (Gershwin - Heyward / Fischer - Krohn) - Jazz Ain’t Nothin’ But Soul (Mapp) - Bringing It All Back Home (Fischer)

Coco Rouzier (voc), Jürg Wickihalder (ts), Werner Tian Fischer (g), Roberto Domeniconi (p), Fredi Meli (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Gabriel Recording, Stalden, October 6/7, 2015
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrik Schwitter
Produced by Werner Tian Fischer and Patrik Schwitter

CD PBR Jazz 2016 (PBR J300) - also available in 24 bit highresaudio

'Big John' Zhang Ling: 'Drinking Blues' - 2016

Zhang Ling, also known as Big John, is one of the early pioneers of the Chinese rock scene and widely acclaimed as China's number one blues musician. His unique bass playing and soulful singing style have gained him the title “King of the Chinese blues”. Among Zhang Ling’s recent achievements is his performance on a top-rating national TV show called "SING MY SONG”.
In late 2015, Zhang Ling’s latest album “Drinking Blues” was recorded in New York City with some of the most respected jazz musicians, including legendary drummer Lenny White, NYC-based legendary guitar player John Tropea, and jazz organ master Pete Levin on keys, as well as blues man Guy Davis on harmonica.

Salmon's Love

Zhang Ling (voc/b), Werner Fischer, Wang Dong & Eric Yu (guitars), Zhang Xiaosong (harm), Huang Haitao (drums)

Recorded @ Kaleidoscope Sound, New Jersey

CD Big John Music 978-7-7985-0707-2

10 - TEN: 'The Bass Is The Voice' - 2014

Das Repertoire von TEN - 10 bewegt sich zwischen Eigenkompositionen, Standards aus dem Great American Songbook, unvergessenen Pop-Perlen sowie Hits aus der leichteren Klassik. The Bass is the Voice - The Guitar the Orchestra!

Nature Boy - Suffering - Down Under - La Cinquantaine - Tears In Heaven

Fredi Bucher (g), Werner Fischer (g)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrik Schwitter @ Sunhill Project-Studio, Bremgarten, May 16, 2003
Produced by Werner Fischer

EP elch musical industries 2014 (elchi 160513 - 82)

Eric 'Bluesman' Yu & The Goatees: 'Chinese Blues in the Alps' - 2013

Mehr als ein Jahr nach ihrem fulminanten Auftritt am 2. Internationalen Bluesfestival in Beijing trafen sich im Oktober 2013 Eric Yu, der Bluesman aus China, und die Goatees zu einer Aufnahmesession am Fusse der Alpen. Zu ihnen gesellte sich auch der italienische Bluesharper Beppe 'Harmonica Slim' Semeraro. Innert weniger Stunden nahmen die Brothers in Blues mehrere stimmungsvolle Akustik-Klassiker auf, die in China zu einem mittleren Verkaufshit avancierten.

Walking Blues - Kind Hearted Woman - Rollin' and Tumblin' - Sweet Home Chicago - I Can't Be Satisfied - Dead Flowers

Eric Yu & Werner Tian Fischer (voc/g), Beppe Semeraro & Martin Lehmann (harm), Willi Spichtig (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Recorded in Haslen, October 2013

CD elch musical industries 2013 (elchi 261013-80)


Travelogue: Soundtrack for 'NO FLASH' - 2012

The documentary film portrait NO FLASH. Homage to Ricardo Rangel (1924–2009) directed by exhibition curator Bruno Z'Graggen with camera work by video film-maker Angelo Sansone (both from Zurich) is a tribute to the life work of Ricardo Rangel.The film shows sequences from 2003 with Ricardo Rangel at the time of the opening of the exhibition Iluminando Vidas. The scenes from 2003 are interwoven with longer interview passages from the year 2011 with Alexandre Pomar (*1947, Lisbon) and photographer Sérgio Santimano (*1956, Lourenço Marques / Maputo). Pomar is a respected Portuguese art critic and journalist who lives in Lisbon.The result is a film portrait that gives an insight into the life and work of an outstanding photographer and a charismatic personality, a man with a passion for photography and jazz, full of life, humorous, independent and incorruptible, hugely productive and with a sensitive eye for people in difficult contexts. The documentary's music was composed, arranged and performed by Werner Fischer and his Boston jazz unit.

Bon Voyage

Adam White (tp), Werner Fischer (g), Hiroyuki Takubo (p), Nesin Howhannesijan (b), Adolfo Herrera (dr)

Studio E, Boston, April 17, 2003

Produced by Bruno Z'Graggen and Angelo Sansone

sansonfilm 2012 DVD

Werner Fischer's Travelogue: 'Chinese Soul' - 2011

"The guy’s already half Chinese: for when she was standing before him like an armed angel in the hallway, he didn’t even blink once. Though she had been haunting his dreams since the day he had laid eyes on her on that worn sofa in a seedy country shrink’s practice way back in the seventies, all he did was push aside the thought of kissing her good and hard on the mouth in a vain attempt to force open those sealed lips, maybe getting at her petrified soul and detonate inside her labyrinthine lotus garden. No, not him..." (Jan Krohn)

Mo' Betta' Changes - Lazy Afternoon - Bar Talk - Bon Voyage - Remembering Sam - Sight(not)seeing - Summer's Over - Breaking At The Palace - Angel In The Hallway - Packard's Corner - Eastbound

Sophie Dunér (voc), Jürg Wickihalder (saxes), Werner Tian Fischer (g), Nesin Howhannesijan (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Recording by Patrik Schwitter @ Hard Studios Winterthur, April 12/13, 2010, mix & mastering @ Sun Hill Project Studio Bremgarten, May 2010
Produced by Werner Tian Fischer and Patrik Schwitter

CD Altrisuoni 2011 (AS 292)

The Sam Trümpy Memorial Jazz Coalition featuring Jürg Wickihalder: 'Live!' - 2009

The SAM TRÜMPY MEMORIAL JAZZ COALITION is a transatlantic jazz group dedicated to the musical legacy of the late composer and tenorist Sam Trümpy and consists of eight experienced jazz musicians from Switzerland, the U.S.A and Canada.
Sam Trümpy was a Swiss music pioneer from the 1960s until his untimely passing in 2003. His inheritance includes a collection of great original jazz compositions. In 2007 guitarist Werner Tian Fischer initiated a tribute band, the «Sam Trümpy Memorial Jazz Coalition». Eight jazz musicians with Swiss roots contributed their individual arrangements to Trümpy’s compositions.
The band did a successful concert tour of Switzerland in August/September 2007. The last concert of that tour was recorded by sound engineer Patrik Schwitter who is also famous for his recording of the very last performance of Sun Ra and His Arkestra.

Soul Food - A Handful Of Dollars For Abdullah - STTS (Trudi Strebi) - Roadrunner - Sleeping Child - Don't Stop Be Bop / The Way It Used To Be

Jürg Wickihalder (ss/as), Jonas Knecht (as/ts/fl), Heiri Baumgartner (ts/bs), Ruedi Wettstein (bs), Werner Tian Fischer (g), Félix Stüssi (p), Fredi Meli, (b), Lukas Landis (dr)

Recorded live by Patrik Schwitter @ Aula Kantonsschule Glarus, September 8, 2007
Produced by Werner Fischer and Patrik Schwitter

CD Altrisuoni 2009 (AS 282)

All Standard Guitars 'Just Guitars?' - 2009

"Delta Blues meets Django Reinhardt's gypsy heart - with tremendous musical sensitivity and without rivalry the two guitarists cover a wide stylistic field from the music of the 1930s until today." (Bruno Spörri)
Werner Fischer and Michael Giger have been working together regularly since summer 2006 to their audience's and their own great pleasure and satisfaction. Their repertoire ranges from classical jazz songs of the Great American Songbook to popular movie themes and contemporary Americana. They interpret their music with the nonchalance of jazz - yet always with a modern and sensual attitude. All Standard Guitars combine the stupendous virtuosity of the younger with the well-seasoned swing of the older player. The melody & the song are always at the center of their musical interaction. Their first CD was released on Altrisuoni Records - The Swiss Jazz Label.

Speak Softly Love - My Shining Hour - Angel Eyes - Wabash III - Here Comes The Sun - Blue In Green - Polakdots And Moonbeams - How High The Moon - Alone Together - Travels - Little Sister

Werner Fischer (g) and Michael Giger (g); special guest: Estella Benedetti (voc)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrik Schwitter at Sun Hill Project Studio, Bremgarten, July 2007 & January 2008
Produced by Werner Fischer and Michael Giger

CD Altrisuoni 2009 (AS 272)

The Standard Jazz Trio: 'Goin' Back Home' (Quickstar Compilation) - 2009

In late 2008, The Standard Jazz Trio were invited to contribute one song to Quickstar's Compilation Vol. 8 entitled 'Goin' Back Home'

Here, There and Everywhere

Werner Fischer (g), Fridolin Berger (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Mapple Beach Studios Braunwald, July 27/28, 2005

CD Quickstar 7-33792-91382-0

Mya Audrey: 'The Solo Sessions' - 2009

After having performed together during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Mya Audrey invited Werner Fischer to contribute acoustic guitar and a couple backing vocals on some of her recordings.

How Do You Stop? - Hands

Mya Audrey (voc/p), Werner Tian Fischer (g/voc)

Recording by Simon Fankhauser in Zürich, October 2008

CD Phamusrec 19071


The Bouncing Bits: 'Groove Ya!' - 2007

Die Bouncing Bits haben eine erstaunliche Wirkung: Jeder, der sie gehört hat, ertappt sich noch nach Tagen dabei, wie er leise mit den Fingern schnippt, den Füssen wippt und verzückt lächelt. Diese Band swingt alles schwerelos, schliesslich besitzt sie die Happyness eines Nat King Cole, den Groove einer Oscar-Peterson-Combo und die Präzision einer Basie-Band.
Das Credo der Bouncing Bits lautet "Joy and Class": Sie vereinen hinreissenden Swing mit hoher musikalischer Qualität, sprechen also sowohl jene an, die es lieben, beschwingt mitzuwippen, als auch die, denen originelle Arrangements und virtuose Soli zusagen.
Swing is here!

The Lady Is A Tramp - Lazy Afternoon - Makin' Whoopee - Gentle Rain - Pennies From Heaven - Bouncing A Bit

Thom Grüninger (p/voc), Werner Fischer (g), Fridolin Berger (b), Eamonn O'Malley (dr)

Klangfaktur Aarau, May 1, 2007

EP elch musical industries 2007 (elchi 261007-1)

Schnayder's Cabin Crew: 'Turbulent Take-Off' - 2007

Der in Massachusetts lebende James Taylor ist seit den 1970er-Jahren der wohl bedeutendste Singer/Songwriter der USA. Werner Fischer erfüllte sich Ende 2006 einen jahrelang gehegten Traum. Zusammen mit der erweiterten MARWISH-BAND spielte er zum Jahresende im Adler Engi einen unvergesslichen Querschnitt durch JTs Musik. Weitere Konzerte fanden im März 2007 statt. Die Kurz-CD der Band wurde mit Unterstützung des unvergleichlichen Tonmeisters Patrik Schwitter eingespielt.

October Road - One Morning In May - Sweet Potato Pie - Love Has Brought Me Around

Werner Fischer (voc, g), David Beglinger (voc, perc), Carmen Salvadori (voc), Martin Lehmann (g, harp), Willi Spichtig (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Recorded in Haslen, May 19/20, 2007 and at Sun Hill Studio Project, Bremgarten
Produced by Werner Fischer

EP elch musical industries 2007 (elchi 111107-3)

The Standard Jazz Trio: 'Panda's Delight' - 2005

Das Standard Jazz Trio begab sich Ende Juli 2005 in die Mapple Beach Studios in Braunwald. In deren unvergleichlicher Atmosphäre - mit Blick auf den Tödi - entstanden wunderbar entspannte Aufnahmen. Der Tonzauberer Ljubo Majstorovic mischte das Album meisterhaft ab.

Travels - Berimbau - Here, There and Everywhere - Two For The Road - James - St. Thomas - Polkadots & Moonbeams - Unit 7 - Amazon River

Werner Fischer (g), Fridolin Berger (b), Gabriel Schiltknecht (dr)

Mapple Beach Studios Braunwald, July 27/28, 2005

CD elch musical industries 2005 (elchi 111105-74)

Dave's Bag: 'Chega De Saudade' - 2005

Guitarist Werner Tian Fischer and singer Dave Beglinger worked together regularly between 2003 and 2008 to their audience's great pleasure and satisfaction. Their repertoire ranged from classical jazz songs of the Great American Songbook to charming Sambas and Bossas of the Musica Popular Brasileira and soulful tunes penned by Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder or Sting. They interpreted their music with the nonchalance of jazz - yet always with a modern and sensual attitude.

Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) - Round Midnight - Celeste - Fragile - It Could Happen To You - Georgia - Peace - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

David Beglinger (voc), Werner Fischer (g)

Recording Studio Max Ryffel Stäfa, October18, 2005

CD elch musical industries 2005 (elchi 151205-76)

Travelogue (B Coalition): 'Eastbound' - 2003

'Eastbound' is guitarist Werner Fischer’s remarkable debut as a leader. It features six original jazz compositions dating from his stay at the American East Coast. A smooth latin flavor permeates half of the tracks. The cd was recorded by an international outfit in Boston.

Packard's Corner - Angel In The Hallway - Bon Voyage - Mo' Betta' Changes - Summer's Over (Mei's Song) - Eastbound

Adam White (tp), Werner Fischer (g), Hiroyuki Takubo (p), Nesin Howhannesijan (b), Adolfo Herrera (dr), special guest: Sarina Suno (vl)

Engineered, recorded & mixed by Berk Lee, recorded on April 17, 2003 at Studio E, Boston
Produced by Werner Fischer

CD elch musical industries 2003 (elchi 140503-72)

Jazz Coalition: 'Minor League' - 2000

Die lang ersehnte CD der legendären Combo um den leider viel zu früh verstorbenen Sam Trümpy...

Alone, Alone and Alone - Minor League - Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers - Father and Sons - Delicada Bossa Nova - On a Clear Day - Giraffe - Blue Greasy Slow Funk - Boplicity - Blessed Relief

Sam Trümpy (ts), Werner Neumann (tp), Werner Fischer (g), Fridolin Berger (b), Fredy Bühler (dr)

Recording Studio Max Ryffel Stäfa, April 2000

CD Elch Musical Industries (elchi 120500-64)


Jazzgroup Udo Fink: 'Souvenirs III' - 2002

Fünf Original- und neun Fremdkompositionen, zeitlos interpretiert vom Udo Fink Trio und den Gästen Janet Dawkins, Rodrigo Botter Maio und Werner Fischer

I Remember Jakob - Just Blues - Once I Loved - The Nearness of You - Some Day My Prince Will Come - Straight Ahead - We'll Be Together Again - Once Upon a Time - Some of These Days - Blues Memories - Cooltime Spot(t) - What a Difference a Day Made - Mona Lisa - The Party's Over

Janet Dawkins (voc), Rodrigo Botter Maio (as, ss), Werner Fischer (g), Udo Fink (p), Christoph Mächler (b), Rafi Woll (dr)

Recording Studio Max Ryffel Stäfa, December 27/28, 2001

CD Liverpool DMR 672


Jazzgroup Udo Fink: 'Souvenirs II' - 1999

Ein weiteres Projekt von Udo Fink: Vier Original- und sechs Fremdkompositionen, zeitlos interpretiert von Rahel Hadorn, der Perle unter den Schweizer Jazzsängerinnen, zwei herrlichen Bläsern und einer hard-swinging rhythm section aus dem Süddeutschen Raum

Step Right Up - Harlem Mood - Sweet Li - If You Could See Me Now - Oliloqui Valley - Once Upon A Time - Salute To Jay And Kai - Angel Eyes - Love For Sale - Don't Blame Me

Rahel Hadorn (voc), Domenic Landolf (ts), Edgar Schmid (tb), Werner Fischer (g), Udo Fink (p), German Klaiber (b), Dieter Schumacher (dr)

Recording Studio Max Ryffel Stäfa, April 23, 1999

CD Liverpool DMR 618

Bigbandprojekt Udo Fink: 'Souvenirs' - 1996

Ein Bigbandprojekt der Superlative, mit feinen Kompositionen und Arrangements des Leaders

Janet Dawkins (voc), Erwin Lorant (tp), Daniel Schenker (tp), Bernhard Schoch (tp), Werner Schönbächler (tp), Edgar Schmid (tb), Rolf Willauer (tb), Sepp Schönbächler (tb), Don Randolph (tb), Heinz Dieter Sauerborn (as), Armin Schmid (as), Domenic Landolf (ts), Thomas Zellweger (ts), Lorenz Schnyder (bs), Udo Fink (p), Werner Fischer (g), German Klaiber (b), Elmar Frey (dr)

Recorded live @ Aula Kanti Pfäffikon, October 5, 1996

CD Liverpool DMR 578

Starfish: 'Flops and Chops' - 1998

Die ultimative Kompilation der Jahre 1991-1997!

1000 Puzzling Pieces - Caramba - Space Tour Intro - Lost In The Stars - I Feel Fine - It Gets Me Down - Shine - The Most Important Part - Please, Mr. Jailer - Man In The Horn - Rain Keeps Falling Down - Evil Janice - Man In The Horn II - Post-Post-Modern Girl - Jodok Kobelt Presents - Evil Janice (Live) - Supersonic Devil (Live) - Rain Keeps Falling Down (Live) - Softly, It's Merging (Live) - Could This Be The End? (Live) - Space Tour Outro - The River - Schuelabgang (J.L.M. Blues Band)

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), Christian Pauli oder Hans Ermel (b), Tom Etter (dr), guests

Recorded @ Startrack Schaffhausen («space tour 91/92», 3/92 «single», 10/92 «null-session», 3-7/94 «in love»), Hinterfultigen (1/94 «secret rehearsal tapes»), Glasi Schwarzenburg (22.04.95 «drs3 uff dr gass»), Klöntal (4/96 «slamming the door»), Winterthur (30.08.97 «musiktage»)

CD elch musical industries 1998 (elchi 270698-12)

Starfish: 'Slamming The Door' - 1997

"Die neue CD der Band Starfish ist das schönste Schweizer Popalbum seit langem" (facts 4/1997)

Overture - Three Young Ladies - Doomsday - A Woman's Gift - Man In The Horn - Black Mail Box - Slamming The Door - Don't Stay Away - Kiss The Pope - Guess My Sign - (If You Ever Say) Goodbye

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), Hans Ermel (b), Tom Etter (dr), guests

Recorded @ Ferienheim Klöntal, April 1996

CD Soundservice 270197-2

Starfish: 'Mini Fründin' (Ohrewürm 2-Sampler) - 1996

"Das who is who der Schweizer Pop- und Rockszene hat sich zusammengefunden, um die Auswahl an Kinderliedern um ein freches, witziges und fantasievolles Repertoire zu erweitern" (crescendo winter 1998)
Witzig und frisch erklären Starfish in 'Mini Fründin', wie schnell eine blöde Kuh wieder zur besten Freundin werden kann. Die mädchenhafte Stimme von Gabi Fischer, begleitet von ausgelassenen sixties beats, lädt zum Mitsingen ein.

Mini Fründin

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), Hans Ermel (b), Tom Etter (dr), guests

Recorded @ Startrack Studio Schaffhausen, August 1996

CD Tudor 8128

Starfish: 'In Love' - 1995

"Mit 'In Love' schufen Starfish eine grossartige Platte" (woz 28.04.1995)

It's A Shame - Bitches - The Left Turn - Weak Ends, Shattered Days - Rain Comes Falling Down - Blue Mail Box - Walk, Don't Walk - It Gets Me Down - Fatal Threestep - As The Wind Blows - Total Recall - The Most Important Part

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), Christian Pauli (b), Tom Etter (dr), guests

Recorded @ Startrack Studio Schaffhausen, April - October 1994

CD Sava 110 - SoundService

Starfish: 'Rain Comes Falling Down' - 1994

"Sehr entspannt, ja wunderbar dezent eröffnet eine Gitarre das Stück, legen Bass und wenige Drumschläge einen sanften groovenden Soundteppich aus. Nach einigen Takten setzt diese himmlische Frauenstimme ein. Sanft, eher gesprochen denn gesungen, schmeicheln sich die ersten Textzeilen ins Ohr: 'every day the skies were blue/birds were singing so were you...'" (woz 28.04.1995)

Rain Comes Falling Down - The Left Turn - Weak Ends, Shattered Days

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), Christian Pauli (b), Tom Etter (dr), guests

Recorded @ Startrack Studio Schaffhausen, April - October 1994

EP Sava 109

Starfish: 'I Feel Fine' - 1992

Das Vinyl-Debut der einzigartigen Popcombo aus Schaffhausen, Bern und Zürich

I Feel Fine - It Gets Me Down - Shine

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), Christian Pauli (b), Tom Etter (dr), guests

Recorded @ Startrack Studio Schaffhausen, April 1992

Single Tapvinyl 003 / RecRec

Arthur & Balthasar: 'In The Warehouse' - 1992

Zwei Starfische interpretieren die schönsten Folk- und Popsongs der Sechziger- und Siebzigerjahre. Mit vielen illustren Gästen...

Come Together - Southern Comfort - Comin' To Los Angeles - Country Road - I'm Only Sleeping - Together Forever - Crippled Inside - Sweetheart Like You - Train in G Major - Two Of Us - Here, There and Everywhere - Lullaby #9 - She Was Just Trying To Say - These Days - Don't Let Me Down - The Roof Is Leaking - Here, There and Everywhere - Sweetheart Like You

Tom Etter (div), Werner Fischer (div), guests

Recorded @ Rosenthal- und Krebsbachstudios Schaffhausen, October 1990 - November 1992

CD Elch Musical Industries (elchi 130498-10), re-release von taptape 1993

Gabi Fischer & Werner Fischer: 'It's Fishbizz' - 1990

Starfishsängerin und Starfishgitarrist interpretieren das Great American Songbook im Studio und Live in Schaffhausen

Too Darn Hot - Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Willow Weep For Me - Twisted - Mood Indigo - Prelude To A Kiss - God Bless The Child - Don't Explain - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - The Touch Of Your Lips - My Funny Valentine - Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - The Touch Of Your Lips
Love Me Or Leave Me - Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Anything Goes - I've Grown Accostumed To His Face - You've Turned The Tables On Me - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - My Funny Valentine - Twisted - Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do - Always True To My Fashion - Georgia On My Mind - They Can't Take That Away - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye - It Don't Mean A Thing - Moanin' - Tuxedo Junction

Gabi Fischer (voc), Werner Fischer (g), guests

Recorded @ Rosenthalstudios Schaffhausen on July 27, 1990, and live @ Fass Schaffhausen on December 6, 1990

CD Elch Musical Industries (elchi 240898-22), re-release von taptape 1990 und 1991

Glarona Big Band: 'It's Oh, So Nice' - 1986

Another Tribute To Sammy Nestico! And not a bad one either!

It's Oh, So Nice - Go Fill Your Dreams - Small Talk - That Warm Feeling - Bundle o'Funk - Sam's Boogie - Hay Burner - Eraly Morning - Tall Cotton - Color Me Warm - Gold Coffee - Switch In Time

Kurt Leuenberger (tp), Werner Neumann (tp), Karl Hofmann (tp), Alois Seliner (tp), Roberto Da Mutten (tp), Jules Müller (tb), Jost Trümpy (tb), Franz Meier (tb), Edgar Schmid (tb), Bruno Argenti (as, cl), Willi Knecht (as), Armando Cornelli (ts, fl), Samuel Trümpy (ts), Hanspeter Kunz (bs), Udo Fink (p), Werner Fischer (g), Luzius Widmer (b), Fredy Bühler (dr)

Sound Production Max Ryffel Stäfa, January 19 and February 2, 1986

LP Liverpool MR 468


Kepler 452b
Step By Step

A Gentle Breeze (from Chinese Soul)

Ich bi tuschur bi dir (w. Jan Krohn)
Hoi (w. Jan Krohn)
Vielicht (w. Jan Krohn)

Bar Talk
Let's Call Another Tune (w. Mya Nydegger)
Captain Tom (w. Jan Krohn)
Mir Senne (w. Jan Krohn)

Breaking At The Palace

Lazy Afternoon (in Baobao's Room)

Remembering Sam

Blue Sand
Duke's Bag
Gin & Tonic

Summer's Over
Bon Voyage
Mo' Betta' Changes
Arnaud's Per Nose

Packard's Corner
Angel In The Hallway
E On My Mind
Moon Is Up

The Secret of Success (w. Jan Krohn)

Wild Inside (w. Jan Krohn)

Doomsday (w. Jan Krohn)
Black Mail Box (w. Jan Krohn)
Overture (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)
Three Young Ladies (w. Gabi Fischer, Christian Pauli & Tom Etter)
A Woman’s Gift (w. Gabi Fischer & Tom Etter)
Slamming The Door (w. Gabi Fischer & Tom Etter)
Kiss The Pope (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)
1000 Puzzling Pieces (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)

Walk, Don´t Walk (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)
Total Recall (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)
Supersonic Devil (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)

Weak Ends, Shattered Days (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)
Man In The Horn (w. Gabi Fischer, Christian Pauli & Tom Etter)
Bitches (w. Tom Etter & Jan Krohn)
The Most Important Part (w. Gabi Fischer)

These Days (w. Tom Etter)

Bis jetz no nüd (w. Hermann Bühler)
Stern-Ei (w. Hermann Bühler)
Alkmene (w. Hermann Bühler, Gabriel Schiltknecht & Patrick Schwitter)

Dum passeio nocturno
Baile bargata, baile!
Da baia a paragem

Dunstan Heath (w. Mike Maas)
Down At The Hacienda (w. Mike Maas)
The Gopher’s Morning Song & Dance
Sam Hawkins (w. Roland Schiltknecht)
Dr Bänz (w. Roland Schiltknecht, Gabriel Schiltknecht & Luc Zeitner)
Knock-Out (w. Roland Schiltknecht, Gabriel Schiltknecht & Luc Zeitner)

Mal Luege (w. Gabriel Schiltknecht & Luc Zeitner)
Chrottästüggli (w. Gabriel Schiltknecht)
Für d’Stina
Suurchrut anerä spanischä Sossä
Dialog zwischem grünem Papagei & grauem Clown
Morgens um halb 7 am Bahnhof Ennenda

Ballad For A Friend (w. Gabriel Schiltknecht)
Without Words
Pedro (w. Remo Hobi)

Dirge (w. Gabriel Schiltknecht)

Ds Spanischä (w. René Eicher)